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Adonis Barks

Welcome to Adonis Barks, where our journey began with a passion for creating elegant and durable dog accessories.

Originating from Denmark, we have now made our home in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, establishing Adonis Barks in 2021.

Our story is one of turning passion into purpose.

Fueled by a love for our four-legged friends and recognizing the lack of elegant and durable dog accessories, we set out to redefine pet lifestyles.


Starting as a small one-woman side-business, crafting collars and leashes for friends and family, we took a giant leap forward in 2023 and proudly launched our online presence with a dedicated website.

This move allows us to share our curated collection of dog accessories with a larger audience.

At Adonis Barks, we believe in the power of thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship. Each accessory is a testament to our commitment to providing not only style but also functionality for your furry companions. We understand that dogs are not just pets but cherished members of the family, deserving the best.

Our Danish heritage influences our dedication to simplicity, quality, and timeless aesthetics. We invite you to explore our range of products, from stylish handmade collars to durable leashes.

As we continue to grow, our passion remains unwavering.

Join us on this exciting journey, where style meets functionality, and where every accessory tells a tale of love and companionship.

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